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SGS College Offers Perfect Pitch for American Football Talent

SGS Sport’s PRIDE American Football Academy will have a new £680,000 pitch from October 2022. 

In late 2008, SGS College started Europe’s first American Football Academy. They have replicated their successful model in the UK, France, Sweden, Austria, and Spain. 

SGS Sport has experienced a high level of success with two of its players being on active NFL rosters. Alex Jenkins with the New Orleans Saints and then the New York Giants, and Santigie Sankoh with the Cleveland Browns. 

They have also had 30 players progress into the NCAA. 

Now they have the UK’s first American Football only 4G field, with stitched-in coloured End-zones and field markings.

“With raised bleachers and a turn-style entrance this will give us a true Highschool stadium experience on game day,” said Director of American Football Benjamin Herod. 

“There are only 2-3 pitches across Europe like ours, the home game experience with elevated filming platforms, music, and play-by-play will make this one of the best places to play in Europe.”

A second gym is also being built in 2022 for the athletes in SGS Sports Academies and those taking Sports Degrees. The College has invested nearly £100,000 in equipment alone for the new gym. 

SGS will also stream all home games across both Under 19 and BUCS in the 2022/23 academic year.

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