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Premier League Next Generation Cup 2023: West Ham, Everton, and Wolves Set to Battle in Mumbai

The third edition of the Next Generation Cup will be held in Mumbai, India, between 17th May and 26th May 2023.

Premier League sides West Ham United, Everton, and Wolverhampton Wanderers will participate in the 2023 Premier League Next Generation Cup, which will take place in Mumbai, India.

West Ham United is in Group A and will come up against Stellenbosch FC of South Africa, as well as Indian sides Bengaluru and ATK Mohun Bagan.

Meanwhile, in Group B, Everton and Wolverhampton Wanderers will compete for the top spot alongside Young Champs and Sudeva Delhi.

The tournament allows these young footballers to compete against other academy teams worldwide. It is also a valuable experience for these youngsters to test their abilities against good opponents, creating a nurturing environment for talent development.

Players born on or after January 1st, 2002, can participate in the competition.


In 2019, the youth players of Arsenal and Leicester City visited India to play against RFYC and Mumbai City FC youth teams as part of the Premier League Youth Games initiative.

The competition first occurred in 2020, where six teams participated, and Chelsea U14s were the champions in the first edition. In 2022, Stellenbosch FC won the mini-competition, which was held in the Midlands, and West Ham United won the other half of the competition, which took place in London.


Eight teams will be placed in two groups of four. Each team will play against all their opponents in the group in a round-robin format.

The top teams from each group will face each other in the final on the 26th of May.



Wednesday 17th May

Group A

West Ham United vs ATK Mohun Bagan – 11:30 UK Time

Bengaluru FC vs Stellenbosch FC – 11:30 UK Time

Group B

Everton vs Wolverhampton Wanderers – 15:30 UK Time

Sudeva Delhi vs RF Young Champs – 15:30 UK Time


Saturday 20th May

Group B:

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs RF Young Champs – 11:30 UK Time

Sudeva Delhi vs Everton – 11:30 UK Time

Group A

West Ham United vs Bengaluru FC – 15:30 UK Time

ATK Mohun Bagan vs Stellenbosch FC – 15:30 UK Time


Tuesday 23rd May

Group A

Stellenbosch FC vs West Ham United – 11:30 UK Time

ATK Mohun Bagan vs Bengaluru FC – 11:30 UK Time

Group B: Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Sudeva Delhi – 15:30 UK Time

Everton vs RF Young Champs – 15:30 UK Time

Thursday 25th May

Group A 4th vs Group B 4th – 11:30 UK Time

Group A 3rd vs Group B 3rd – 15:30 UK Time

Group A 2nd vs Group B 2nd – 15:30 UK Time

Friday 26th May


Group A 1st vs Group B 1st – 12:30 UK Time

How to watch?

All matches will be streamed on YouTube channels such as Reliance Foundation Youth Sports, Indian Super League, and Premier League.

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