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USA Continues Dominance at 2024 FIBA U17 Basketball World Cup

[Credit: FIBA]

The USA U17 basketball team continues to dominate at the 2024 FIBA U17 Basketball World Cup, maintaining their unblemished record since the competition’s inception. With a series of blowout victories and record-breaking performances, the team has showcased their supremacy on the global stage.

In the quarterfinal against Canada, the USA team once again demonstrated their prowess with an emphatic 111-60 victory, defeating their opponents by a significant margin. The team has set new records for the most points scored in a single game with 146 against China and has consistently defeated teams by over 50 points throughout the tournament.

After the quarterfinal victory, EliteScholars had the opportunity to speak with USA coach Sharman Lamar White about maintaining focus and avoiding complacency amidst such dominant performances. When asked about his approach, Coach White emphasized the importance of preparation and staying present:

“We don’t go into the game thinking we are going to blow anybody out. We just go into the game trying to be prepared. You know, if we are prepared we can be confident in who we are. And we (the coaching staff) told the guys before the game if what we did a year ago to Canada still looks big to us, then we haven’t done much today. In other words, we say we can’t be worried about what happened last year; we gotta be living in the present, and I thought they did a good job. They came out, executed the game plan, played aggressive, and did the little things to ensure we got the victory.”

Coach White’s philosophy of preparation and living in the present has clearly resonated with the team. The players have embraced this mindset, allowing them to focus on each game as it comes, regardless of past successes. This approach has been instrumental in their continued dominance and record-setting performances. As star player AJ Dybantsa told EliteScholars after the quarterfinal win:

“Don’t get too complacent, just focus on the next game, we ain’t won nothing yet.”

As the USA team heads into the semifinals, they remain the team to beat. Their blend of talent, preparation, and mental fortitude has made them a formidable force, and they are poised to add another championship to their already impressive legacy.

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